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school design process

following is a brief summary of the process that we believe will result in innovative designs that provide workable solutions for schools. the process links learning research with an architectural firm's knowledge base of building design in light of local district expectations.

values-based design meetings:

edg staff facilitates meetings that bring together all key project stakeholders for the purpose of identifying and committing to those values that will drive the design of the school. these key stakeholders include but are not limited to, representative groups of the teachers, local and district administrators, parents, students, and facilities personnel, architects and sub contractors, edg experts, and other interested third parties. three important outcomes will be achieved in these meetings:

the creation of a document that clearly articulates the core values, goals and vision for the school design
school-based personnel and other stakeholders will feel invested in the design process
the architects and learning experts will have a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of the stakeholders

school design meetings:

following the values-based design meetings, edg works with key stakeholders to produce a learning design plan. this plan will differ from plans typically produced by education facilities planners in several ways. it will focus on infusing learning research into the school design in light of the values and vision of the project stakeholders. design concepts that research has shown to promote learning and meet community needs will be recommended. financial and political considerations will be addressed. the goal of the plan will be to provide the architects with an uncommon way to link the learning knowledge base and a clear understanding of the stakeholders' vision to the school design.

school design review:

edg reviews design documents throughout the life of the project in order to provide ongoing input to the architectural firm. edg will participate in construction and other meetings that focus on issues that impact learning. this includes but is not limited to meetings on value engineering and redesign.


edg develops and implements a training program focused on technology and educational innovations built into the school. this training provides an opportunity for stakeholders to develop the required skills to fully utilize their new facility.


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