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eddesigns group (edg) is a learning design solutions company.

our goal is to ensure that the vision of key project stakeholders remains the driving force behind school and curriculum design. to accomplish this goal, edg creates a synergy between our client’s vision, the latest in learning research and edg industry experience. these resources form the foundation of our values-based planning process.

edg collaborates with school board members, teachers, students and private sector providers to develop state of the art technology plans and training programs that not only provide innovative teaching tools, but also guide staff on utilizing technology-based learning tools in everyday teaching. edg works with your team to transform the elusive state of the art technology into state of action tools.

edg staff includes national experts and published researchers who have spearheaded several important national educational initiatives including a nation at risk, the seminal report of the national commission on excellence in education, the annenberg challenge, the walt disney company's development of celebration florida and celebration school (winner of the 1998 impact on learning award in by cefpi and school planning & management).

edg’s values-based planning process:


edg keeps client vision at the top of our facilities planning strategy. cooperation and quality are seen in all areas of the services we provide. please select a link to learn more about our services:

  • learning-based facility design
  • value-based planning
  • technology planning, integration and staff training
  • strategic private sector alliances
  • community networking